Together Again


This Joint Is Jumpin'

Together Again - Reissue

Wild Bill Davison & Art Hodes, with John Petters Dixielanders


  1. Limehouse Blues
  2. Am I Blue
  3. My Monday Date
  4. Once In A While
  5. Rockin' Chair
  6. Back In Your Own Back Yard
  7. Blues In The Night
  8. Grandpa's Spells
  9. Three Little Words
  10. Reunion Blues
  11. I've Got The World On A String
  12. I Never Knew

Recorded 1988, this is believed to be Wild Bill Davison's last official recording session.

Wild Bill Davison : Cornet
Art Hodes : Piano
Jack Free : Trombone
Trevor Whiting : Clarinet & Soprano Sax
Keith Donald : Bass
John Petters : Drums