An Evening With ...

George Webb & John Petters Hot Five

An Evening With ...

An Evening with George Webb and John Petters Hot Five


  1. Ol' Miss
  2. Bourbon St Parade
  3. Wabash Blues
  4. Louisian-I-Ay
  5. Bugle Boy March [American Soldier]
  6. Tishomingo Blues
  7. Gatemouth
  8. Big Butter & Egg Man
  9. Weary Blues
  10. George Webb talks about his jazz career as promoter
  11. George Webb talks about forming the George Webb Dixielanders and meeting composer Spencer Williams
  12. George Webb talks about recording with Sidney Bechet.

George Webb : Piano & Speech
John Petters : Drums & Spoken Intro
Ken Sims : Cornet
Mike Pointon : Trombone
Dave Bailey : Clarinet (vocal on Track 4)
Tim Phillips : Banjo
Keith Donald : Bass

Recorded at St John’s Arts Centre, Old Harlow
Thursday 26th February 2004
With thanks to Jane Quinton and the members of her staff at St John’s.

Recording engineer: John Petters

The session was mixed by John Petters

CD produced by Reflex Media Services, Huntingdon.

On a Technical Note:
This session was recorded live for my own personal collection and was not intended for release. However the band sounded so good that we all decided it deserved wider distribution. From time to time, the front line balance changes due to the musicians moving around the stage. As such it is not a technically perfect recording, but as in most cases with jazz, it has the spontaneity of a live concert, which can seldom be captured under studio conditions.