Mixed Salad


This Joint Is Jumpin'

John Petters Red Hot Seven

Jazzology JCD176

  1. Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
  2. Out Of The Galleon
  3. Mixed Salad
  4. The Coffee Grinder
  5. Short Dress Gal
  6. Revolutionary Blues
  7. Cake Walking Babies From Home
  8. Flook's Fancy
  9. Wolverine Blues
  10. Once In A While

This CD got a rave review on release in the Mississippi Rag. It was John Petters first CD for the New Orleans based Jazzology label.

Cuff Billett : Trumpet & Vocal
Geoff Dubber : Clarinet & Tenor Sax
Neville Dickie : Piano
Mickey Ashman : Bass.