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Welcome to the wonderful world of Amateur Radio

John Petters - Callsign G3YPZ (photo by Paul Barnes )

New: 6th April 2012

15M AM

Here is a short recording of the conclusion of a QSO with Ed, VA3ITA on 21.420 on AM, using my Elecraft K3, 25 watts of carrier into my 2 el Cubical Quad on 6th April 2012.

10 Metre AM

The solar numbers have been providing good propagation on 29MHz for over a month now. Here are a few recordings of QSOs on AM on Saturday 19th November 2011. I was using 25 watts of AM with my Elecraft K3 into my 2 ele DJ4VM quad at about 35 feet.

Here's VK2BA - my First AM QSO on 10 metres this cycle. It was hard going, but we made it.

Here's a link to David's website


W2VW on AM on 28.990

W2VW continued

W2VW continued

New 3rd October 2011

Here is a recording of a 3 way AM contact on 21.420 MHzrecorded by WS4B in Florida and KF0XO in south Dakota (click image below to hear MP3 clip. You can hear my 25 watt AM signal as it was received by Brad in Florida and how he heard KF0XO.

And hear is how the contact sounded on my side of the Atlantic. Note how strong Brad's signal with a simple vertical antenna made the trip across the pond



I have been licenced as G3YPZ since August 1969. I d iscovered Amateur radio at the age of 13 when my uncle, Barry Bond gave me an old WW ll Marconi CR300 receiver for my birthday. I discovered the local amateur (ham) net in Harlow, Essex on 160 meters. The chairman of the net was old timer , Ernie Read, G3ERN. (pictured below)

I met Les & Hilda Cox, G3PRN & G3YEB, who along with Fred Adey, G3TLF, assisted with my studies for the City & Guilds Radio Amateur's Examination, which I passed in May 1969 and the Post Office twelve words-per-minute morse test.

I have been a keen morse and telephony operator since then, using both homemade equipment, including the fabulous Elecraft K2, which I built in 2003 and my vintage AM equipment.

The latest acquisition is the new Elecraft K3 DSP tranceiver.

I am regularly active on most bands, using a large cubical quad antenna, designed and built by my long term friend, Ron Home, G8CTZ / M0ETE. (pictured digging the hole for the tower)

I have regular contacts with Bill Tomlinson, VK1WT, in Australia and occasional contacts with John Evelyn 8P6FE in Barbados, who I fist met when he lived in England during the early 1970s. (8P6FE pictured below with his family)

I wrote several articles on the 28Mhz band for Practical Wireless, Amateur Radio Magazine and Radio Communication, the journal of the Radio Society of Great Britain. In 2003, I had an article on operating on Amplitude Modulation published in the same magazine.

Listen to a recording of my AM signal, recorded in the USA, from my vintage KW Vanguard transmitter, during 2002 on 29Mhz

I hold a 5Mhz permit, which enables me to experiment on the temporary 60 meter band. I have also recently become active on 70Mhz, using a transverter designed by G8CTZ.

Many jazz fans and some musicians are radio amateurs. The two interests go well together.

Below are some photographs of my cubical quad antenna and my radio shack, where I am often to be found when not playing the drums.

More information on amateur radio is available on the RSGB Web site available here.

Cubical Quad Antenna
Cubical Quad Antenna

Elecraft K3

In2003 I buuilt the Elecraft K2 transceiver. This is a marvellous radio. It replaced my Icom IC706Mk 2 as my main station rig.

When Elecrtaft launched the K3 in 2007 I ordered a kit. I built it in April 08. Here is a video of this radio used on AM on 28 & 14 Mhz during suimmer 2008 with 5 watts of carrier.



Ticket info - call 800-555-1212

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Station
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